Release Notes for Apache Forrest 0.7

Major Changes in Version 0.7

This is not a complete list of changes, a full list of changes in this release is available.

Important Changes Code Base

  • add Completely rewrote the batch files. Among the major changes: The user must now specify the complete filename including the extension. The extension is no longer required to be TXT. The command now accepts switches. The user can now specify whether they want to create an article or a book via the "-a" or "-b" switch. Only one or the other is allowed. The user can specify the preferred DTD version via the "-v" switch. Currently supported DTD versions are simple, and 4.0 - 4.5. The default is 4.5. Switches can be listed in any order. The user can now specify a list of files to be converted. By default, the name of the output file will be the name of the first text file in the list minus the extension plus .XML. For example, if the the list of files passed is intro.txt, page1.txt, and page2.txt, the name of the generated file will be intro.xml. (MEM)
  • add Processing of the text file has been moved directly into the batch file. ANT is no longer used to do the initial conversion from TXT to XML. ANT is only called to "indentify" the file. This greatly increases the speed of the TXT to XML conversion. (MEM)
  • add All APT related variables are now set via the load_configuration.bat file. (MEM)
  • add Added custom config stuff for overriding the default config at a global or document specific level. (MEM)
  • add Added processing of DocBook v4.4 and v4.5 documents. (MEM)
  • add Updated the XSL stylesheets to version 1.69.1 (MEM)
  • add Added UNIX versions of the scripts. Now APHID is truly platform independent! (MEM)
  • add Added version (11 Oct 2006) of "DocBook: The Definitive Guide" so users don't have to go hunt down information on creating XML documents. (MEM)